Making Time and Making Things Better

It has been a busy first half of the summer for me personally and this podcast. I helped lead a team throw a festival for charity (The Tomorrow Fund’s Red, White, & Brew), started trying to “practice” yoga, went to a music festival, and also helped throw two young professional mixers for the Nashville Junior Chamber. I never thought I’d be one of those people that has to say “let me check my calendar,” especially being a single guy with no children, but I totally am one of those now. As you’ll come to find out in an upcoming episode, one of our subjects most valuable pieces of advice is to read David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” to help with time management. Something I literally just bought on Amazon in hopes to get more organized.

Along with having a social life, volunteering, and trying to exercise, Jamie and I also were able to record three more interviews and setup another for next week. We met with a guy launching a new platform to help homeowners connect with lawn professionals, a pair of entrepreneurs stoking the fire of innovation in the community, and the leader of a corporate office in Nashville who is leading philanthropic efforts locally. We are waiting on our editor to finish with the episodes and then we plan to space them out over the next few weeks.

As we pick up steam, we are getting more critical of the quality of show we publish. Not only in content but sound quality, too. We were focusing on getting content out when we were first starting. Now that we have four episodes up and four coming down the pipeline, it’s natural for us to have higher expectations for each episode. It’s leading to us learning more, purchasing better equipment, and challenging each other to do better.

It’s an exciting, busy time in Nashville. I hope everyone is enjoying the ride!