011 – Victor Bartley, Defenseman for Minnesota Wild

Victor Bartley

On this episode, Cale and I sit down with Vic Bartley, a NHL hockey player who calls Nashville, TN his off season home. Vic grew up in Vancouver, Canada, playing ice hockey his whole life. At twenty-one, he decided to go overseas and play in Sweden with the Rogle BK. After having an amazing year, he got signed with the Nashville Predators and has played with them the last four seasons. He just recently signed a new contract with the Minnesota Wild.

Vic chats with us about his personal life, what it was like growing up playing hockey and how he never imagined he would play for the NHL. He talks about how the hardest part of playing hockey for a living is moving around so much, being away from family and friends and having to be on a disciplined schedule when it comes to eating and training, but playing for the NHL and living out his dream every day far outweigh any of the hardships.

Vic broke his foot in a game earlier this year and was out for the remainder of the season. While living in Nashville for the off season this summer, he trained with Mike Krajewski at MK Fitness focusing on strength training and getting his foot ready for this upcoming season which starts October 13th. He also gives us a little insight on his pregame rituals and routines.

We had a few good laughs with stories he tells us about him being an aspiring country artist as well as recording his first music video dancing Gangnam style. Vic tells us some of his favorite things about living in Nashville, the southern hospitality, real estate investments and how it is becoming a hockey city. We are super excited for everyone to listen in on this episode and be on the lookout for Vic this upcoming season as he plays defense for the Minnesota Wild!