012 – Mark & Kristin, Beardition Men’s Grooming Products


On this episode, Mark Williams joins Niche with his business partner Kristin Schleihs. They founded Beardition almost 4 years ago, an all-natural men’s grooming product company. Beard conditioner, shampoo, oil, and shaving products fill their product listing online, along with t-shirts and gear featuring “bro”, their classy logo/mascot.

Mark didn’t like how it felt when he grew his first beard on the Appalachian Trail many years ago and knew other men would relate. Beardition was born. Mark and Kristin tell the fun story of how they met and how the company got started. Kristin joined Beardition as the Chief Creative Officer and tells a story about how even females, who aren’t necessarily target customers for beard products, enjoy many of the Beardition products. The all-natural approach has been a clear differentiator from competitors, helping them get into a variety of Nashville barber shops.


From fun facts about the founders to how they juggle full-time work with a startup, listeners are sure to find something they can relate to and something they could learn. The first product began with some materials purchased online and mixed on Mark’s stovetop. Hear about the process they experienced when learning how to create a product in an area they had no expertise on. They also share their challenges and how they handled them.

Mark and Kristin share an inside look at their company and provide valuable information for listeners. Mark went back into the corporate world but still runs the company with ambitious plans to add new product lines. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, fellow businessman, or a regular Joe who enjoys a great story, this episode of Nashville Niche is packed full of great times and useful lessons. To learn more about Beardition and to check out their products, visit www.beardition.com.





Upcoming Events for Beardition

Gentlemen’s Day at Alton Lane Nashville
– 9/24 | 11am-3pm | Edgehill Village
– Teaming up with Scout’s Barbershop for free trims + product samples, Yazoo brews + complimentary styling from the dapper folks at Alton Lane

The Wardrobe Project (a fashion market presented by the Nashville Fashion Alliance)
– 9/30 (6pm-9pm), 10/1 (9am-5pm) | Track One, Nashville
– Stop by Bro’s Barbershop, featuring the top notch barbers from Uncle Classic Barbershop as they offer free trims in our booth throughout the market. Grab some products, sample our new beard oils and check out our new line of tees + gear!


Audio Editing: Andrew Freels