013 – Spencer Rowland: The Escape Experience


On this episode, Cale and I sit down with Spencer Rowland, co-owner of Escape Experience, an interactive experience with the objective of finding clues, decoding messages, solving problems and escaping a room in under sixty minutes. We had lots of laughs getting to know Spencer and learning the ins and outs of how he started the business with his brother and cousin.


Native to middle Tennessee, Spencer went to Sewanee, University of the South where he played basketball and got a degree in math. He moved out to Denver as an actuary, but wasn’t finding fulfillment in this career. His brother, cousin and himself had always wanted to start a business and while they were in Nashville one day, they went to the Escape Game and had an absolute blast. Having web design, custom construction and electronics backgrounds, they believed they could definitely start something similar to the Escape Game.

The first location was opened in Chattanooga two years ago and has been a huge hit. They just recently opened the Nashville location downtown this year and are set to open the first virtual escape room in Nashville at this location later this year. Spencer, his brother and cousin come up with the themes for each room and do all design and construction themselves.


The Escape Experience in Nashville was recently just nominated for Top 10 Escape Rooms in the Country! It was great to sit down and talk with Spencer and discuss how the business got started, plans for future growth and what the whole process has been like. Be sure to go visit Spencer at The Escape Experience in Nashville!


Audio Editing by Andrew Freels






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