016 – Sam Davidson: Batch

Sam Davidson, Co-founder of Batch
Sam Davidson, Co-founder of Batch

This week Niche interviews Nashville’s own, Sam Davidson, a local entrepreneur, public speaker, author, and recently the co-founder of Batch.  Batch sources locally crafted items and goods while creating a unique gifting option available for sale online and in its current brick and mortar location within Nashville’s Farmers Market.

The Batch logo above the entrance to the store.
The Batch logo above the entrance to the store.

The interview brings us insight into Batch’s creation, secrets to Batch’s success and its plans for continued growth and expansion.  Batch’s business model has provided them with three years of growth; both online and in other local cities here in the south. The aim is to one day apply that model in a variety of other locales throughout the US.  Sam states, “We have grown in parallel with Nashville.” They are even on the precipice of opening their second storefront in Austin to compliment their online offerings for Nashville’s favorite “comparison city.”batch-img2

Batch curates those unique types of gifts that Sam hopes will lead Batch to be a premier gifting solution for those people looking for that one of a kind gift.  He states in the interview how he would like “to bring Nashville to the people.”  Batch’s uniqueness demonstrated by its use of local artisanal crafts, handcrafted notes, and the engaging purveyor’s stories provides Batch with a compelling and competitive brand.

Batch has been a learning opportunity for Sam, which he hopes to create more teaching opportunities to use in his public speaking or future written works.  Sam’s authentic leadership style shows in his attitude, whether it be from how he believes in and treats his employees, his engagement with the purveyors, and his commitment to the community of Nashville.

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of the conversation is when Sam mentions the culture and community within Nashville’s entrepreneurial and business scene. Sam is a very big believer in accessibility of people and invites anyone to contact him advice, feedback, or just a simple chat.

Jamie and Sam chatting in the supply room.
Jamie and Sam chatting in the supply room recording this episode.

The storefront at the Farmer’s Market on Rosa L Parks Boulevard is open daily from 10 AM – 4 PM. Fair warning: foot traffic starts to pick up as the holidays approach. Also, the north parking lot is being blocked by the construction of the Tennessee State Museum. The new museum will occupy the corner of Jefferson and Rosa L Parks Boulevard.

Audio editing by Andrew Freels