017 – Matt Bizer: Robot Fondue & Luck Reunion

Matt Bizer, Co-founder of Robot Fondue & Luck Reunion
Matt Bizer, Co-Founder Robot Fondue & Luck Reunion

This week on Niche, with Jamie participating in philanthropy work in Africa, Cale takes on hosting solo with Matt Bizer. Matt is a multi-platform content producer, director, cinematographer, live stream, and event manager. He floats between New York, Nashville, Austin, and the rest of the known world with an appetite for innovative projects,  good music , and the perfect wave.

Matt is the co-founder of innovative content production company Robot Fondue and co-founder and Executive Producer of Luck Productions who host the annual Luck Reunion at Willie Nelson’s Luck, TX ranch.

Matt states he has had lots of “happy accidents” in his life, however, one will find that Matt’s success is due in part to hard work, a few hard knocks, and the amazing and supportive friends and mentors Matt has encountered in his life. rf

Robot Fondue is a collaboration of Matt and fellow creatives.  Robot Fondue’s mission is to create memories through the art of storytelling.  Matt tells us that part of the growth plan for Robot Fondue is to find other creatives, bring them into the fold, and allow them to expand and grow.

Luck Reunion is Matt’s other great endeavor. Luck Reunion is a movement dedicated to cultivating and celebrating the evolution of our American roots. The goal is to attract musicians, artisans, and chefs, who like the outlaws and outliers before them, follow their dreams without compromise.


Matt’s belief is that with those “happy accidents” and great opportunities comes a great responsibility in giving back through such organizations like Make Music.  His philosophy is, “no bad vibes… you keep around you the people that are good and that makes everything better” and as he states, “It is about being open and transparent and building those good relationships.”

Nashville has allowed Matt to refresh and to catch his breath and with both Robot Fondue and Luck Reunion growing and expanding there is always the possibly of other great successes on the horizon for Matt and the creative world.

Audio Editing by Andrew Freels