018 – Beth Inglish: Artist & Founder of Nashville Creative Group

Beth Inglish (Photo credit: John Partipilo)
Beth Inglish (Photo credit: John Partipilo)

Cale and I were stoked to get the opportunity to sit down with Beth Inglish, a multidisciplinary artist who serves the community by creating connections through art exhibitions, creativity workshops and consulting. She is founder of the Nashville Creative Group, a group of artists, photographers, musicians, painters, whatever your creative niche may be that meets once a month to network and discuss creative topics.

Her background brings her from marketing school in Texas to the Virgin Islands working on a sailboat to the creative city of Nashville, TN. She has been here a little over nine years and absolutely loves the hospitality and creativity of the city. She currently works as a consultant for other artists with a focal point on the emotional side of art. She is also working on her first wall sized canvas attempting to fulfill a vision she has had for quite some time in her home studio.

Beth has had her hands in all sorts of different projects throughout middle Tennessee. From creating the Nashville Creative Group with over 1000 members, to working with the Entrepreneur Center hosting a pop up art gallery, to creating images for the 12South Community Art Exhibition, to designing a 40 foot mural on the rooftop of a downtown Nashville building called the Tree of Life, this artist never stops! Some advice she gives other artists, “Believe in yourself and always listen to your intuition and don’t let what other people say influence you in a way that is negative. Focus on the good things that are happening and use that momentum to help with your future decisions.” Be on the lookout for more work from Beth and follow her blog and artwork or get updates on her site at binglishart.com.

The Nashville Creative Group also has a Show & Tell event coming up this next week, the 13th at Emma. Follow the Nashville Creative Group on Facebook.

Audio editing by Jonathan Keur.


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