019 – Scout Fox Productions: The Gentrified Us

Photo courtesy @scoutfoxproductions Instagram

We had a blast meeting with two of the three girls from Scout Fox Productions! Gabby Woodland, Kati Baird and Jaclyn Edmonson are documentarians currently working on a documentary series called The Gentrified Us. Having met at MTSU, all three girls have backgrounds in film, directing, editing and production. After college, they started a film production company called Scout Fox Productions and most recently are working on a project that hits close to home, the gentrification happening in Nashville.

Photo courtesy @scoutfoxproductions Instagrams

We got to sit down with Gabby and Kati out in Marathon Village and get to know a little more about them and how they got started with Scout Fox and their thoughts on The Gentrified Us. Having just recently came up with their roles within the company, Gabby is the producer, Kati is more on the creative side with editing and concepts and Jaclyn is the director. Scout Fox Productions started in 2015; rolling with the phrase “fake it til you make it”, all three of the girls felt compelled to quit their full time gigs and make Scout Fox their main gig. Kati states, “It’s been a good ride with what we are trying to achieve so I wouldn’t change anything about what we have done to get this far.”

Photo courtesy @scoutfoxproductions Instagram

The idea behind The Gentrified Us was originally aimed at being a feature film, but once the girls started interviewing people and developers and the idea started growing more than they had imagined, they decided to change it to a docu-series focusing on different areas of Nashville. Word of mouth has been huge for the series. Having been able to sit down with someone from the Affordable Housing Agency, they found out Megan Berry is the first mayor to fund $10 million for affordable housing in Nashville. Gabby mentions in the podcast, “Gentrification specifically means that low-income areas are becoming middle-class areas purposefully displacing people”.┬áHopes for the documentary are that people will become better neighbors and educate others on gentrification versus city growth. Hoping people who are moving here will be more understanding of moving into certain areas of Nashville and treating their neighbors with respect.

Photos courtesy @scoutfoxproductions Instagram

We are very excited for people to hear this episode! Plans for release of The Gentrified Us are summer of 2017. Some ways to keep up with the series and Scout Fox Productions are through Instagram or email.