The First Interview and Final Edits

We had local insurance agent and funny man, Corey Perry, come to the studio (my studio apartment) to sit down with Jamie and myself to talk about life, business, and hitting as many open mic nights as possible. To loosen things up, we opened the nicest bottle of $6 chardonnay I had and luckily I also had a 40 oz. of Colt 45 in the fridge that I re-gifted to Corey. I went ahead and hit record while we hashed out our game plan with him. That quickly transitioned to some off-topic conversation between Jamie and Corey about her gym injury, which turned out to fit nicely towards the end of the podcast.

Corey and I have known each other for a couple years now and have played on the same Hotmess (East Nashville’s kickball league at East Park) kickball team for a few seasons. This was helpful at times during the interview and allowed us to get to a lot of the facets of Corey’s personal and professional life. Even though we knew each other pretty well, I learned a few things about him like 1) his first open mic stand up was impromptu and 2) he was president of his fraternity in college.

After the interview we were left with a raw recording that neither Jamie or myself knew how to edit. Luckily we have the internet and the means to connect with people that are able to handle that type of thing easily. We found an editor from upstate New York. He turned our ramblings into somewhat of a concise, listenable podcast within hours. It’s amazing what can happen when people collaborate!

We have the final cut uploaded to SoundCloud (which is embedded to our site) and are working on figuring out the best way to connect the dots from WordPress to iTunes’ Podcast repository. Go ahead and have a listen!