The Idea

Everything has to start somewhere. Jamie and myself are starting here. We are pretty outgoing people that are interested in technology, start ups, branding, culture, and Nashville. Our idea is to pressure ourselves to expand outside of our comfort zones and start creating content that we enjoy and maybe other people might as well. We started talking to our friends and colleagues and decided that an audio-blog of sorts would be a fun thing to do and bought two USB mics off Amazon for $60 (I’m still waiting on Jamie’s portion to come across on Venmo, more to come on that, though). Next thing we did was to start sending each other ideas, articles, and quotes to help inspire a site title. A few Sunday’s ago Jamie and I met up at my place to start putting the pen to paper and she came up with the “Nashville Niche” site title and we started to get to work.

We reached out to a few people who have successful podcasts to get some advice. So far only one person (thanks Emily Siner!) responded but she was wonderful and super supportive of this idea. Now we have the rough framework of our idea and are planning to interview creative people that we find interesting and that are interesting in a conversation.

The next step for us is to follow through. We will have to find someone that meets the aforementioned criteria and is also willing to tolerate a few amateurs trying to hack together a 15-20 minute audio file.  I hope you have the gusto to follow us along our podcast journey. You can input your email address to our fancy plugin on the right side of the page and I’ll personally email you when we get the first episode uploaded.