Video: Marcus Whitney Explains the Side Hustle

Marcus Whitney is one of the most influential entrepreneurs in middle Tennessee and has a great YouTube series called, “Create + Orchestrate.” He explains different ideas, concepts, and best practices in a matter-of-fact manner that is easy for nearly anyone to understand. In his latest episode he explains how to get your feet wet starting your own business while working a 8-5 (9-5 is so passé). This allows you to gain real world experience and also explore your passion without going balls deep into something that might be better in theory than practice.

If you liked this, check out Marcus’s YouTube channel. He’ll also be at the June Nashville Junior Chamber meeting, which is open to members and non-members of the NJC. He’s a sharp dude that will shoot you straight. He also told me once that he doesn’t log off at night until he answers every email. So, if you have something to run by him, you’re more than likely to get an answer back pretty quickly.